Church in a Pandemic

Some moments feel like not only ordinary moments, but bear a weight of being a moment in history.  Times that I want to remember in years to come, to look back and recall we were together and what a time that was.

Thursday evening a group of us tugged and lifted and hauled all of the furniture and accoutrements of the sanctuary back towards the spaces where they belong.  And we followed a seating map for how to group chairs, measuring the distance in between (and being thankful for once that humans are such creatures of habit that we mostly sit in the same spot week after week anyway.)

I've been back in the US for a year and a lot of my life has flowed through that building -- Sunday mornings, confirmation classes on Tuesday afternoons, and most recently, my wedding.  It felt good to be back in it, to look around and think, These are the people who I get to figure out how to do church during a pandemic with. 

Although we wouldn't have chosen a pandemic, there is something sweet in getting to do it with people I love, in a place I love, in sorting out the scramble of chairs together and learning how to be a community that worships God together in the midst of a pandemic.

(While we're beginning to meet again in the sanctuary for Sunday worship, we're also planning to livestream our service; you're welcome to join!  Just click here and set up a profile and you'll be all set.)


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