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Learning about Love

I had a realization this weekend, which seemed blindingly obvious once I got there, but it took a while.  While I believe that God loves me, I don't really trust Him to keep  loving me.  I hope that He will.  I know, intellectually, that He will.  But on a practical, gut-level, I don't fully trust  it.  I want a backup plan.  That doubt spills over into a lot of other areas of my life -- if I don't trust God to love me unconditionally and always, how would I trust other people to love me when I don't feel like I'm earning it? Dave, by the grace of God, ended up preaching a sermon on Sunday that spoke to the exact things that I was thinking about, and reminded us that the gift of the Holy Spirit is an ongoing evidence of God's faithful love to us.  I am also reminded of God's faithful love, that He knows me  and loves me , by small signs in my every day life.  ...for example, finding a bubble tea shop the very day after I told Jason how much I wanted