Finals Week: a photo and a scene

[Setting: I am walking down Snack Street in the evening when I spot my student Skye Dvorak (not to be confused with the many other students I've had named Skye).  She's loud and a little crazy and loves raising a ruckus in class and also loves talking to me.]

me:  "SKYE!"
Skye:  "HANNAH!"  *beaming*  "HI!"
me:  "Are you ready for your exam tomorrow?"
Skye:  *still smiling*  "Where are you ---" *beat* *processes what I said*  "WHY YOU DO THIS TO ME?"
me:  *laughing*  "Because I love you."
Skye:  *looking hurt*  "I don't love you."
me:  *laughing more*  "See you tomorrow!"
Skye:  *happy again*  "See you tomorrow!"



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