Not in Vain

Recently I've been listening a lot to Your Labor is Not in Vain (lyrics here), and yesterday I realized that I love this song not only for the reminder that it is to me, but because it makes me think of friends, dear brothers and sisters all over the world, and how faithfully they labor, and what a joy it is to be co-laborers.

As many of us celebrate Thanksgiving this week, I hope that you all know how much I'm encouraged by the work that you do.  I see a fraction of what makes up your lives -- teaching, parenting, dealing with medical needs, listening to the people around you, fighting for justice for those who can't speak for themselves, making art, making meals, writing books, being willing to travel across the world, being willing to stay in the same hard place.

I need to be reminded frequently that the work here is not in vain, that my students are learning how to be better thinkers and growing in their confidence to communicate in English, that conversations and meals with students are worthwhile, that the seeds we plant have meaning even when we don't get to see what grows.    Remembering that it's not my job to bring the growth is a beautiful, freeing perspective.  Having confidence that He knows all the work we do and that He will bring it to fruition is deeply encouraging to me, and I hope to you as well.

Thanks for your faithfulness, friends.  


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