What I love: this apartment

It's often when I'm in the shower, oddly enough, that I'm overwhelmed with happiness for the space that I get to call home.  I love it.  I love that I'm able to plan to stay in this same apartment for three years; that will easily be a record time that I've lived anywhere since I left for Geneva the day after my 18th birthday.

There are the quirks of this apartment, although they're very few and not hard to live with: dripping faucets, a water heater that doesn't believe in heating if it's raining, a stubborn door handle, a very narrow kitchen.  I can handle all of those things.  (As long as I remember not to try to shower when it's raining.  Yikes.)

I love having this place to come home to.

I love having this place to invite students to -- to cook together, to have parties, to watch movies, to do homework, to hang out and talk.

The summer is getting closer and closer.  24 days until I'll be on my way to America, and that feels so good -- and it also feels good to know that I have a place to come back to after the summer, that I shouldn't have to figure out a new city, school, or apartment.

Anyone want to come visit?  ;-)


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