"I'm very familiar with your apartment!"

The adventures yesterday began as Katherine was dragging me and Jenney down the road while I talked on the phone, too preoccupied with my conversation to ask her where we were going.  It turned out that our destination was to see her dormitory.  And then to see Jenney's.  Both of them (and their roommates) were in one of my classes last semester.  After the grand tour of their rooms, we headed back out.  "Where are we going now?" I asked.  All of us had work to do, but we all had the day off, thanks to sports day.

"To your apartment!  Watch a zambie (zombie) movie Hannah!" Katherine informed me.

Oh yes.  The last time they'd been over, she had wanted to watch Warm Bodies, but card games won out.

What's a random day off for if not to watch movies and hang out with students?

So she and Jenney accompanied me back to my apartment, met the ayi's tiny new puppy, and we picked up Miriam (and the movie) and invited Joy and Phila.  We prepped some snacks, Jenney colored, and we goofed off and took pictures for a little while before watching the movie.  After the movie, we headed to lunch and then finally split up to get some work done.

It was a great morning.

Also, I love -- LOVE -- when students are comfortable enough to invite themselves over and to get into stuff in my apartment -- even the small stuff like getting themselves drinks or working on a page in my coloring book.


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