Thailand: pictures and words

I've been gone from my home at Chuan Wai for almost a month now, and it will be another ten days before I'm back.  It has been a full, exhausting, refreshing month full of learning and questions and laughter and rest and wonder.  I am continuously surprised and amazed at the life that the Father has designed for me.  Is this my life right now? And the answer is yes.  And it's so overflowing with gifts.  Some of the gifts in my life are certainly not the ones that I would have chosen for myself; others are ones that I never could have imagined.


There were two weeks jam-packed with MA classes.  The cohort of people in those classes are some of my favorite, and although the pace is exhausting, I enjoy the opportunity to study and learn and think with that group.

"I like it when you think because fireworks go off in your head and light up your eyes."

We learned about creating and designing materials and curriculum, about crafting assessments: how to become better teachers.  We ate boatloads of curry and roti and smoothies.  We followed each other around our end of Chiang Mai and spent hours eating and talking.  We saw movies and did homework and asked questions and told stories.

Advice from Adam about buying textbooks: "If it doesn't have an ISBN, don't buy it."

"My threshold on unreasonable is pretty high." ~Dr. Barger

Alex:  “What did you do with your free time?”
Noah:  “I casually walked back from Subway —“
Alex:  “Give us some more adjectives.”
Noah:  “….I can’t think of any more adjectives.”

“We have a farmers’ market, which if you think about it is ridiculous, because that’s what the market is.” ~ Iris, re: things that hipster foreigners have opened in Cambodia

Ben:  “A flashdrive IS technology, Joey!”
Joey:  “SLOW technology!”

Noah: *being very cheerful in the morning* “I’m being obnoxious on purpose, now.”
Hannah:  “That’s why you’re gonna get toast in the face.”
Noah: “I love toast!”

“I feel like my filter is in a fun place, but I might have to make some apologies later.” ~ Tim J, after not getting enough sleep

“These springs -- it sounds like there’s money in there.  If I roll around, will I get money or will I get a backache?”  ~ Alex, re: the beds at the YMCA

"I think I made a bad choice."

After a movie preview:
“So there was a meeting where someone approved that idea.” ~ Noah

Dr. Pierson:  “I hope you don’t mind if I bring in some personal stories --”
Ben:  “You have personal stories??”
Dr. Pierson:  “Quiet over there! I didn’t ask for a response!”

message from Alex when I was skyping Tyler super late:
Hey just checking but are you
A) locked out
B) talking with Tim Jones
C) dead
D) none of the above

And then, eventually, classes ended and I moved across the city and spent a couple days doing childcare and running around doing stuff for the office before conference started.

Conference was excellent.  I was sick for a few days in the middle of it, which was really not excellent, but aside from that, it was a great time.  I love watching the joy of reunions.  Our theme was Anticipating the Unexpected and the messages came from Esther.  There was a lot to think about.

I also had the great joy of rooming with a former teammate.  God does such surprising things!

I ran into a friend from Bloomington, completely unplanned (while I was hanging out at another friend's hotel.)  Surprise!

One evening, I chanced across some high powered telescopes and got the joy of looking at the moon.

So, pictures and some of the ponderings that fill a page in my notebook as ideas to keep musing about, keep working through and considering how they should impact my life.

careless versus carefree

time = priority, not resource

What does reconciliation look like in honor/shame societies?

why are we busy?

obeying faster and listening longer

how do you engage in a culture that you don't have a framework to understand?

in death, in desperation, what we need is not a miracle -- but Jesus.

confession = submission

taking the high road over the low road

what is the intersection between your sin and the Word?  what would it be as a parable?

don't be afraid; just believe: Jesus is redefining death.

"Well, that's an idol."
I'm grateful for friends and truth telling. 

Ubi caritas et amor,
Deus ibi est.
Congregavit nos in unum Christus amor.

Your mercies are new
Your mercies are new
New every morning

For in the hour of our darkest day
We will not tremble, we won't be afraid
Hope is rising like the light of dawn
Our God is with us
He has overcome

Our God is the Lion
The Lion of Judah
He's roaring with power and fighting our battles
Our God is the Lamb
The Lamb that was slain
For the sins of the world, His blood breaks the chains
And every knee will bow before the Lion and the Lamb

Why do you weep?
What are these tears upon your face?
Soon you will see
All of your fears will pass away.

"I just told you, this is a day of confusion and you're trying to get me to think."

love not because everyone around you is great
but because Jesus is great.

"You can psych yourself up or out, whichever."

"Maybe not a bright idea, but you can ask."

"As surprising as it may seem, God is always in control."

for such a time as this


  1. and the eyes comment... I got a very similar compliment once when I was in grade school. Obviously I liked it. :)


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