I have many ideas for blog posts brewing in my mind, but it seemed like time for something lighthearted.  And I realized that I haven't shared quotes in a long time.

So, prepare yourself.  

"What do you think I'm made of, Abby?  Not money!!" ~ Miriam

"Coffee house yourself." ~ Gordon

[debating what to do for the New Year's performance]
Solene:  "But if we sing in Chinese, it will make them --" *ready to say happy*
Moding: "Confused!"

"I feel like I could be a good bird." ~ Miriam re: whistling skills

"It's like a thermos, it keeps cold things hot and hot things cold.... waiiiiiit...." ~ me

[about her very rural hometown] "Most people have never seen a living foreigner!" ~ one of Miriam's students

Rebecca: *giving her speech*  "So you know about the harm, why do you stay up so late?"
Rox: *screaming from the back of the classroom*  "I can't control myself!"

Jarvis: *giving his speech*  "What kind of character do you think I have?"
one of the girls:  "Perfect!"
Jarvis:  "Yes I think so."

"One percent of mistake will lead to one hundred percent of failure." ~ in a student speech, sounding very reminiscent of the Boov in Home.

"...even making water fall out of his mouth..." ~ student, creatively getting around not knowing the word drooling.

Ada Huang: *giving speech*  "In senior school I fell in love with a boy --"
entire class:  "OoooooOOOOOOooooooh!"

"Chinese parents rule their sons and daughters with a ruthless arrowhead." ~ in a student speech

"It was like bluegrass with a few screws loose." ~ Tyler, describing music.

I'm thankful for all of the many funny things that are said regularly, for all of the laughter that comes into my life from students and from friends, from people in China and from people in the US.  


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