Package retrieval day

Some days are complicated.

I knew that I had a package from my family waiting in the post office in Dujiangyan (an hour and a half, two buses from my campus.)  Miriam and I will be heading into DJY on Saturday to celebrate Christmas with the city team, but I was feeling really anxious about leaving the package sitting in the post office because sometimes Things Happen.

And since I don't teach on Mondays, and am happily procrastinating on my remaining homework till after I'm done giving and grading finals, I decided today was the perfect day for a trip into the city.

Retrieval of that package went quite smoothly.  Buses all came and went as they ought, the round trip took about exactly three hours, and the whole process only cost me 8 yuan (a little over a dollar.)

My package is under my tree.  ...I crack myself up. :)
That was package number one.

Package number two is something that a friend of a friend sent to me.  Over the past week, there's been a series of attempts to find this package.  Some of the problems are language ones, which is my own problem.  Some of the problems are confusion over where on earth this package was going, because our campus recently changed how mail is delivered and it's not weird for things to get lost (hence why my family mails packages to a different area entirely.)  Today, since I really wanted to find package number two before they decided that I didn't want it and mailed it back to the sender, and since retrieving package number one had gone so well, I thought I'd give another shot to finding package number two.

This time, thanks to the brilliant Sophie's help, I actually found the proper location.  Which involved leaving campus, following a path, walking on the road, getting back on the path, and turning off to what Sophie called "a cottage" but I'd probably call "a shack."

Sometimes I really miss my mailbox at Geneva.
Unfortunately, even with the tracking number and my phone number and my very foreign name, we couldn't find it.  Sometimes that's how it goes.

So you win some, you lose some.

And at the end of the day, there's chocolate cake in a mug.

Yay cake!


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