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Beijing OUT!!

Apparently it's been a while since I wrote here. Well, life's busy.  And since I'm headed out in a few hours for my new school in the boonies, we'll see if my frequency of posting improves any... (advice: don't hold your breath.) It's been a very full couple of months.  After Wheaton, I spent almost two weeks in WPA, a week in Colorado, and am just wrapping up 10 days in Beijing.  I am excited (SO EXCITED!) to get to my school, find out what classes I'll be teaching, get to meet students and other teachers, and unpack. Did I mention that I'm looking forward to unpacking? I shot this picture of my bed full of random junk that was waiting to be stuffed into bags tonight.  That's been a theme (messy, blurry packing) this summer, and while I enjoy a lot of traveling and adventures, at some point enough is enough.  So I’m ready to go. Still, leaving Beijing is bittersweet.  I had the chance to meet up with two of my former stude