Boldly Go

The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind; we have classes for about 5.5 hours each day and then homework, readings, and assignments to work on (along with eating and sleeping and actually talking to each other, you know.)  It's simultaneously exhausting and exhilarating.  There is not much that compares to the joy that I feel in being part of a group of very diverse people, from a broad spectrum of backgrounds, who are unified in their passion.

 Today, as I prepare to take a final for one class and wrap up the project for another, as I think about the delight that I experience in being around my classmates and teachers, as we all prepare to scatter back to our countries of service in the next few weeks, as we grieve at the devastation in France and the state of perpetual half-mast that the world's been in, the words of Gene Helsel's song Boldly Go came to mind.

At the right hand of the Father, enthroned in majesty
Sits the perfect Son of Man and Son of God
And the hands He lifts in prayer for me
Still bear the marks of Calvary
And through those hands the Father bids me come

So I will boldly go
Before the throne and there bow low
And plead for mercy, grace, and peace
On the merits of my great High Priest
Yes, I will boldly go

Overwhelmed in adoration, I'm reminded of the charge
To go and make disciples of all men
To speak of sin and wrath to come
And the gracious work of God's own Son
Who bore the sins of all who trust in Him

So I will boldly go
Into a world that does not know
And declare a love that's guaranteed
To all who understand their need
Yes, I will boldly go

Why we do what we do, and why it's all worth it, right there.


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