This girl, man.

She showed up in my kitchen on Saturday, jumping out and surprising me for about .8 seconds before my mind reconciled itself with the fact that she was in Bloomington and not in PA as I thought.  Because it feels pretty natural and right to me that my sister is where I live.  

And then I got a weekend of showing her around Bloomington, of introducing her to some of the people who I love so dearly, and they loved her too.  (Of course.)

We ate soup and ice cream and drank wine and root beer.  We walked around town and played with the cats and watched a movie and checked Facebook together.  We stayed up late and told stories and went shopping and laughed a lot, like always.

Abbie and I -- we are completely different people, completely dissimilar in so many ways.  I think it's fair to say that if we weren't sisters, we would not have been friends, because we would have been unaware of each other's existence, running in different circles.

But we are sisters, thanks to the beautiful plan of God.

I'm so proud of her and so thankful for our many years of being best friends.  

I love you, Abbie!  Thanks for the wonderful surprise.  <3  Mille grazie.  

(One of my favorite moments was Sunday night, when a friend said, "Wait, what's the relationship between you two?"
Abbie:  "We're actually sisters."  *beat*  "Don't you see the resemblance?")


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