Happiness and Courage

Crumble is in its new space, and a lovely light space it is, full of windows and wooden tables.

Star Wars VII comes out in a few days.  The movie theatre had a warning on their site about what kinds of costumes would be permitted, which is probably equal parts funny and sad.  I'll probably go in sort of Han Solo-esque clothing, by default as much as by anything.  Boots, jeans, a vest -- but no blaster.  :)

George wants to eat everything always that may be food.  Especially if it's Laura's or mine.

Late on Saturday night, I got back to my apartment after a Christmas dinner with a few friends.  "You really are truly blessed in your social circle," a friend told me, and it is true.  It's almost an embarrassment of blessing, these friends who are so good that I feel like I've lived in Bloomington far longer than a year.  Having such a staggering abundance of friendships is incredible to me.  And since I moved to this place knowing only one person, I am simply astonished and amazed and grateful.  Truly, the lines have fallen for me in pleasant places!

 I've been working on my application for Wheaton.  When it comes to the question, "How does your faith impact your life?" I could think of no answer more succinct than a comparison to how the laws of gravity affect my life.  So that's what they're getting.  

As we get close to the end of 2015, mostly I think that this has been a year for gratitude, in great overwhelming abundance.  A year where I have felt God's goodness richly and deeply and in ways that I would not have imagined.

As I look ahead to 2016, the word I'm pondering is courage.

My pastor Dan has recently been talking about humble audacity and how that is the proper response of Christians to the gospel.

CS Lewis's words in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader are decorating the front of my planner.  "Courage, dear heart."

And Clara is currently the desktop on my computer.

I don't know what 2016 holds --

But now, in the midst of the goodness of God, it is easy for me to begin planning and praying to be brave.  To be courageous rather than afraid, regardless of what the new year brings.  Like Frederick in Leo Leonni's book, I am gathering memories of the goodness of God that I may remember who He is and trust Him in courage through all the coming days.


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