The Refugee Crisis and the Imago Dei

If we really see the image of God reflected in the humans around us --

How can we close our doors and hearts and laws to refugees?

image from, check them out for ways to get involved

How can we ignore the atrocities of abortion?

I woke up this morning and those thoughts were beating at my mind.  It's such a simple concept in some ways, the imago Dei, that we bear the image of God Himself.  And such a very hard one to live out.  

If I truly believe that God's image is stamped into every person I interact with --

How can I be impatient and annoyed with others?

How can I think that what I'm planning to say is more important than listening?

I'm longing to have a heart after God's heart, one that is deeply full of love and grace, so that living with grace and love is a natural outflow, spilling into interactions with customers at Crumble and kids from church and people in Bible study and the cashiers in Kroger and the homeless people on Kirkwood and my political opinions.

The world is a broken and wrecked mess.  I know that.  It can break your heart, and it will.  

But look -- so how do we respond to that heart breaking?  By hardening our hearts and forgetting God and forgetting that we catch a tiny glimpse of His infinite glory every time we see another human?  Or by praying and begging Him to put our hearts back together in the mold of His own?


  1. the hugeness of these issues make me aware of how small I am... glad for the reminder of how God used the little boy's lunch to feed the crowd... I know that I CAN do so little even when I have the heart to do it.


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