March pictures

March was a crazy month.  It was a good month, filled with a lot of excellent activities and time with a lot of people who I love, but it was so crazy that by the end, I just wanted to go hide in my closet for a while.  (Our apartment seems to have a revolving door -- being able to provide hospitality is awesome.  And exhausting.)

Instead I sat down and made some lists of things that I want to be priorities on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.  It always kind of surprises me how easy it is to get swamped without intending to.  It's easy to keep writing things into my planner and get to the end of a day... or week... or month... and realize that I've barely seen my room in daylight and haven't written anything.  (That's the real red flag, right there!)

Anyway.  So I'm learning about life being a perpetual balancing act, constantly requiring adjustments.

A few pictures from the month of awesome insanity.

Snowman building during the snowed-in-Sunday

Apples to Apples-ing

George, who has gotten to meet lots of guests!

Maggie photobombing me and Nat like a pro.

And then, it was spring!

Hilary and George.  I didn't have a spring break, but still got to see college and China friends.

Abbie and Chrissie

Me and Ib


Not pictured, but definitely still happened: The Genevans' concert, Kat visiting, going to see the musical Pilgrim in Indy.  


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