doxology of the day

Sometimes you praise God in the storm.

When you get an email that says one of your friends was hit by a car on campus that morning, and is short on all other details.  When your mind races with questions of what does "injuries mostly in lower extremeties" mean?  Are we talking about it ran over her toes or she's never going to walk again?

And then there are a couple of hours of just not knowing.  Of praising God for what you can -- her family is close, she's a believer, the hospital is close, that her head and chest seem to be okay -- and asking others to pray, and hoping, and worrying, and praying some more, and shooting off text messages, and making phone calls.

And then, sometimes, you get to sing praises of sheer joy, and laugh at the crazy, merciful goodness of God.

When you're walking to the hospital to see if she's still there, what's going on, and see her and her parents driving home from the hospital.  When God, in His kind providence, arranges that an SUV only knock her over, and then somehow run over her without the tires touching her at all.

So, praise God with me!  And please pray that Maggie's knee would heal quickly and completely from where the car hit it.


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