We live in the time of the fullness of the revelation of God.
Although we are utterly undeserving of the least scrap of His grace,
unworthy of even the common mercies upon which our continued existence constantly depends,
meriting only His outpoured wrath --
The eternal, infinite, righteous, holy God calls us near.
Calls us children.
Calls us beloved.

And knowing that it is utterly impossible for us to cross the chasm that we created,
that cut us off from Him,
God made a way for us.

Old Testament believers also lived in the grace of God,
yet He did not grant to them to see the outcome of their faith,
choosing instead to provide something better for us.
We live in the age of the in-between,
bearing witness to the coming of Christ
which was foreshadowed by all of the signs and sacrifices under the old covenant.

At the same time we, like the saints who came before, are called to live by faith;
to acknowledge that we are strangers and aliens in this world,
pilgrims on a long road who press on to gain the heavenly reality of the city of God.

Although we once were condemned rebels
we are called to confident communion with our Creator.
Our fitting response to His grace is wholehearted, reverent worship;
to leave all that hinders us behind,
to look to the joy
to listen to His voice,
and to run unwavering toward Him.

We do this not in our own strength,
but surrounded by the faithful witnesses of a long legacy of grace,
in genuine, costly community with our brothers and sisters.

We follow Jesus, the Author and Perfecter of our faith
The Pioneer of our path.
Our end is dependent on the same grace as our beginning:
the generous, abundant provision of God in equipping us
with everything good to do His will,
working in us that which is pleasing in His sight
through Jesus Christ
to the ultimate end of His glory forever.


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