Kid Hotel

Showing a picture of my siblings to my students generally resulted in great reactions.  Faced with a situation that even many Americans feel awkward about responding to (“Boy, uh, your sister looks a little... darker than you...?") Chinese students often went the route of a confused series of glances between the pictures and me.

I know, we don't look much alike.

I wouldn't trade them for anything.

There are so many things that I love about my sibs, things that make me realize what an incredible blessing they have been in my life.  Having four siblings is stressful.  Being the oldest is stressful.

But I really wouldn't trade it for anything.

I thought about this today while AJ was driving me all over creation as we did crazy missions getting last minute gifts for Mom's birthday.

I thought about it when C was lounging on my bed, working on making the list that I was dictating to her, filling in categories of ways she could spend her free time.

I thought about it tonight when Ib and I were building a cooking fire, a process fraught with competition (some friendly and some not-entirely-so-friendly.)

I've had the blessing of many incredible friends and communities throughout my life -- but none of my friends have been with me through as many parts of my life as my sibs.  None of my friends can finish each other's sentences and fill in each other's memories the ways we can.  

I love seeing them growing up and doing things that I can't do.

I love teasing them because, no matter what, I'm always older.  And I know where they're ticklish.

I love the way we share memories and quotes and friendships and have shared so many years of life.

Wherever we go, that's where the party's at.

And sometimes I just look at them and think, Dang, I love these kids.


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