Singing Words

I take a blue sharpie pen and ink words onto my arm.

Send me to the edge of the earth
Show me what a life is worth

Words from Jars of Clay's song Call My Name that have caught at my heart this semester. I don't know what a life is worth, don't know how to value a life, a person, as I should. It's awfully easy to become callous to the hum of life that's around me all the time, because I have other things to think about, like grades and the summer and Dagorhir and sleeping.

And am I my brother's keeper?

But he's still missing and it's been more than a month.

So I wonder who it is my responsibility to be keeping and how much a life is worth. Jesus saved me at the cost of His own life.

Sometimes I'm haunted by what the Newsboys say in Elle G

Silence all, nobody breathe
How in the world could you just leave?
You promised you would
Silence that evil with good...

Maybe this world is a barren place
For a soul prone to get lost
But heaven still hounds from the smallest sounds
To the cries of the storm-tossed...
Every old demon
Playing back a crime
If they'd needed blood, I'd've gladly given mine...

But my blood can't even save myself, much less anyone else. Sometimes it's hard to remember to run to Him instead, and to sing the last part of the song.

Silence all, now go to sleep
The water is free, the well is deep
How can we return
That which we never could earn?

...We haven't a hope
Beyond Your grace
I know that You will
Overcome evil
For good.

I like how we've been ending our singing at Titus's this semester, with words from Psalm 3.

You are my shield and glory, Lord
You are the one who lifts my head
I cried out Lord! and answer came
Yes, from His holy hill it sped.


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