Why I Love Jars of Clay

Jars of Clay is my favorite band.

So I was excited when Stephen Altrogge posted on The Blazing Center (link here) that Amazon had their latest album The Shelter as a $5 download this month.

I love Jars of Clay because their music style seems to change, within comfortable boundaries, from album to album. Which means that my brain doesn't get really, really tired of hearing them after a while.

I love Jars of Clay because they tell the truth.

I wasted a rescue
Abandoned the mission
I failed by my own hands
And watched it all go wrong

You said you could save me
That I couldn't save myself
You said that you loved me
No matter what I've done

When the light is gone
And life is just a dare we take
Still the fight goes on
To give my heart away

And it's out of my hands
It was from the start
In light of what you've done for me
In light of what you've done for me
You lifted my head
Set me apart
In light of what you've done for me
This is what you've done for me.
[Out of My Hands]

I know who I am
Once I was nameless, alone and you found me
[Run in the Night (Psalm 27)]

In the shelter of each other
We will live

They pray.

Send me to the edge of the earth
Show me what a life is worth
[Call My Name]

Talk to me, 'cause I've been talking to myself
Help me get these thoughts out of my own head
I don't believe, most days I don't believe
Mercy is true, it's hard to live with the things that I do

So God, bruise the heels we've dug in the ground
That we might move closer to love
Pull out the roots that we've dug in so deep
Finish what you started
Help us to believe
Keep our eyes wide open
Love is kind and love is daring
[Eyes Wide Open]

I love Jars of Clay because they don't leave it at words, but that they constantly challenge Christians to put their words and their faith into action. They've done it as a band through Blood:Water Mission (here's a link).

Go into the world
Showing how much
He loves you
Walk in the world
In merciful ways
He loves you
He loves you
Emmanuel on earth

If our days could be filled with small rebellions
Senseless brutal acts of kindness from us all
If we stand between the fear and firm foundation
Push against the current and the fall
[Small Rebellions]

I love Jars of Clay because they open up God's graces in glorious, explosive ways. Because they delve into the depths of human brokenness, both dramatic and mundane, and point to God as the answer.

I love Jars of Clay because they leave me hungry for God and glad to have a place in His creation, rejoicing in being an image-bearer.


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