As I walked back from the dining hall today, I heard a voice singing quite loudly. It made me smile, this guy coming out of the freshman dorm singing, and so I began thinking of how many amazingly good things have happened in the last few days. So I thought that I'd make a list of some of these things that I'm thankful for...

  • Dinner with Katie E and her parents on Thursday night and studying for our bio test in her room... it was very fun and relaxing, as well as productive study time.
  • The immune system. I really enjoy studying it. I knew there was a reason I was taking more bio.
  • Dinner with C-1 on Friday night and listening to how ridiculous we were all being. Finals are definitely approaching...
  • Story writing and discussion with a roommate on Friday night...
  • Filmfest on Friday night... and getting dressed up... and seeing a lot of campus looking classy. And, of course, getting to see a bunch of amazing films put together by the people I get to go to school with. This included one of the RD's son returning in 20 years to save the college, one based on Rear Window by my roommate Jordan (Part I, Part II), some amazing longboarding footage, and some impressive stop action/animation (here's one done by my friend Josh, and here's another one...).
  • Repair day with Dag on Saturday... fun times with the Dag'ers, and a good mix of new and old members... really good pizza... many repaired weapons... chasing to get and avoid being in pictures...
  • Going to the Christmas concert last night; it's always wonderfully done, the church is beautiful, and I got a ride down and back, plus time with some friends who I've seen less this semester.
  • Sliding down the slippery sloped floor in the shoes with no traction as I waved at Katie E and both of us going from very happy waving to very confused expressions... then Bill fake-tripping me and semi-insulting my outfit...
  • Coming back to my room and watching 9 with Jordan. It was kind of creepy but very well animated, and parts were really cute.
  • Lots of blankets and a very warm bed to sleep in.
  • Caitlyn calling this morning about the snow on the roads. I'm glad for safe drivers.
  • Getting to hear Titus preach as a result of snow, and being at church with Caitlyn and Fiona. I love worshipping with friends. (That is going to be one sweet thing about heaven.)
  • Christ's encouragement to the church in Philadelphia. (Text for this morning's service.)
  • Warm boots and wool socks and a warm coat and gloves.
  • Snow falling in fluffy clumps.
  • The color orange, and my amazing orange shirt which my mom found for me.
  • The photos on the wall above my bed.
  • The opportunity to make a mosaic downtown on Wednesday night... it was fun and very relaxing. And I got to know some girls who I didn't know much before, and catching up with some who I knew vaguely.
  • The kid who walked out singing and made me think about this all.
  • A beautiful new mosaic glass necklace made by Yonpli.
  • Music by Michael Card, especially The Promise and Soul Anchor CDs.
  • Chocolate. (And randomly being given it!)
  • The many faithful witnesses to Christ who have gone before me.
  • Friendliness of people who I haven't seen in a long time.
  • Salt on sidewalks.
  • Heather Dale's music (and the fact that Greyhound is not stuck in my head still, as it was all yesterday.)
  • Light.
  • Smells. Last year every time I smelled our suitemates' room, I felt relaxed and safe, and it's similar this year in my apartment.
  • Poetry.
  • His coming.
How about you?


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