Tonight's Report of God's Goodness

It's good being a junior.

Tonight I'm sitting in a lounge of a building I used to live in, with two freshmen. We've been goofing off. I went to find one of them to watch a movie, but he was coming over here to do homework. I don't think either of them have made much progress on the homework, and I can't say that I've accomplished a ton either.

But in non-homework terms, there's been plenty accomplished (even though that hasn't included watching the movie that we wanted to watch...)

We've laughed. A lot. Talked about how we all hate 2010: A Space Odyssey. Distracted each other and swapped stories of epic events and epic fails and totally unepic every day stuff. Mostly we've laughed.

We've shared little snips of who we are -- middle names, siblings, churches. Argued over the difference (or lack thereof) between the words "normal" and "average".

And I find myself thinking, this is how the threads are woven together. These randomish times together are the ways in which we grow together and the way relationships grow strong and the things that will hold together when other things fall apart.

God is good.


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