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God is in Control (especially of the American Government)

Today's passages look rather, well, random.  In family devos, we were finishing up Psalm 63.  (I am very fond of this psalm partly because I really like the tune Te Deum and think it fits well.)  For myself, I read Job 41 in English.  (While I was in DC I started Job... at the point that Elihu starts making his speeches, which is chapter 32.)  Then, not feeling like tackling Job in Hebrew (yikes!) I went for part of Psalm 63.  Then for Greek, I read John's part about the triumphal entry (John 12:12-19).  And then for my singing psalm (which sometimes happens and sometimes doesn't...) I was on 63, of course.   Like I said, it all seemed rather scrambly.  While I was reading Greek, I thought about how good it is for me to read stuff in Greek, because it ensures that I am actually thinking about the words somewhat.  (See how well that works?  I was thinking about something else while doing it...)  And then I was sort of left glaring at myself, and thinking about what I had alr