Foreshadowing in Zechariah, Thoughts from Revelation 15, and a Look at Psalm 143

Reading Zechariah -- with the perspective of the whole New Testament -- makes me want to laugh.  Of COURSE the Messiah's name was Jesus, a variant of Joshua.  It is SO heavily foreshadowed.  Look at Zech 6:11-13.

Joshua.  The Branch.  (Look at Is 53:2 and chapter 11 -- especially 11:1.)  And then in Zechariah 6:13, He is "a priest on his throne" (NKJV).  Priest AND King.  The NLT finishes that verse, "and there will be perfect harmony between his two roles."

Joshua son of Jehozadak.  Jesus, the priest-king.  I think Zechariah and Hebrews have some fascinating connections, and I want to study them!

Revelation 15:3-4 is an amazingly beautiful song.  I'm glad that I know the Judy Rogers version, but I can't wait to sing it around the throne of God!!

Revelation 15:6 provides a nice answer to the question which came up yesterday in my family about why we think angels are clothed.

And Psalm 143... I looked at it in the NLT, and it is... sweet.
I lift my hands to you in prayer.
I thirst for you as parched land thirsts for water. (v6)

Earlier I was singing
If life is water, I was dry as Tucson dirt... [Newsboys]
To thirst for God that way is BEAUTIFUL.  It's like an amazingly intense love-song to be able to say that.

Then the psalmist goes on with a list of do-such-because such which I thought was interesting.

come quickly, answer me my depression deepens
NOT turn away from me I will die
let me hear of your faithful love (each morning) I am trusting you
show me where to walk I give myself to you
rescue me from my enemies I run to you to hide me
teach me to do your will You are my God
(may your gracious Spirit lead me forward on a firm footing)
preserve my life For the glory of your name, YHWH
bring me out of my distress of your faithfulness
silence all my enemies/destroy all my foes I am your servant (and your unfailing love)


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