Currently, there are two main projects that I'm playing with/working on.


Humans with superpowers that allow them to interact with reality in unique ways.
A lost country making contact with the rest of the world.
The cult of the Finite.
What does it mean to be human, after all?

This one was begun at some point in high school, set aside, and then resumed in college when I roped a few friends into playing a few characters in the story.  It then proceeded to grow into a massive world with hundreds of characters and thousands of pages of back story.


I have to figure out a coherent plot and then write the story around that.

Some day, folks.

Bridge the Stars

Family, shape-shifting, international intrigue, forgiveness.  

This was a 2014 NaNoWriMo project.  Unfortunately, I haven't done a lot with it since the end of November.  So, somehow my friend Janeen and I got back into playing with this world.  And much more has been written.


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