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My Need and God's Generosity

Here's a curious thing that I find in myself: the more I experience the provision of God, the greater is the temptation that I feel to stress over doing enough to take care of myself.  The more I've been given, the more I feel like I should be able to justify why I deserved it.   Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash This point was illustrated (in case I needed illustration to convince me) when my husband suddenly lost his job yesterday.  Why am I so stressed about this?  I wondered this morning as my mind spun with schemes of how we can make up the gap in our income.  After all, a year and a half ago I moved back from China and had absolutely no idea what job I'd find.  I rented an apartment and settled into a community before I found a job, took a month to breathe and begin to reacclimatize to life in the US, and ended up with a job (at Sheetz) and a half (with Write Your Way Academy) and everything, everything , that I needed was provided for. Immediately, my heart be