For the Start of Autumn (updates + songs)

Although this blog has been quiet, life has been full (as usual.)  At the beginning of September, I ended my job working at Sheetz.  I really enjoyed my coworkers and many of our regulars, and I was very thankful for the steady income God provided through it (despite me initially saying "No way!" when my dad suggested I apply to a gas station!) and shifting to working from home felt a little bit like stepping out of a nice, solid boat and onto a very uncertain body of water.  Cool?  Foolhardy?  Incredible?  Anyway, it was time -- working overnight shifts was alright while I was single and lived a few blocks away, but it was much less ideal when married and living miles away instead.

So I quit, Jason and I went camping with some friends from our small group, and I came home and plunged into new jobs -- working for Uncommon Universes Press and for Write At Home.  It has been a delight to get to deal with books and students and my heart is so happy with that shift.  Not only do I now have time to do things like meet up with friends for coffee and a walk during the DAY! (it's amazing what not needing to be asleep for the bulk of daylight hours does...) but I have the time and brain space to work on other projects, like rearranging furniture and building websites and talking through things with Jason as he gets his coaching certification.  It's fun.  I'm a big fan.  ^_^

I've got a few ideas for blog posts simmering in the back of my mind, but today I just wanted to bop on here and share a few of the song lyrics that have been reverberating in my heart recently.

On the final day I die, I wanna hold my head up high 
and tell You that I tried to live it like a song. 

(Switchfoot, Where I Belong

And it can feel so cold

But I'm holding on to hope

That one day your heart

Will make it home. 

(Gray Havens, Go)  

    Redemption comes in strange places, small spaces.

(Sara Groves, Add to the Beauty)

Oh come to the feast; there is room at the table

Come let us meet in this place

With the King of all kindness who welcomes us in

With the wonder of love and the power of grace.

(Buddy Greene, Vagabonds)

Do yourself a favor: Turn up the volume and listen to the entirety of Vagabonds.

Happy fall, friends!


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