Three Months in America

*dusts blog off*

It's been a little while.  My mind has been busy and the rest of my life has been too.  And now, suddenly, it's the very end of September and I have most of my work schedule for Sheetz and I've been back in the US for three months -- when did that happen?

(As Imagine Dragons sings,
All my life, I've been living in the fast lane
Can't slow down, I'm a rolling freight train...
I am the color of boom.

I'd say that I like my life to have plenty of margin, but the choices that I make (consistently) seem to indicate that I enjoy having it pretty full, so...)

At the same time, most days it feels like I've been here way longer than three months.  I've moved into my apartment, become friends with the stellar roommate who God so generously provided, started working with the Village Church, gone through confirmation classes, been working at Sheetz for over a month, traveled to Indiana and New York to see friends, started working on a class with the epic Janeen Ippolito, and about a bazillion other things.  There have been picnics and movies and weekends at friends' houses, bus rides and tree-climbing and photography and tears.  Lots of tears.  Because, as always, transitioning is hard.  I miss all the communities I've left -- and not just the latest one.  My heart seems to completely ignore chronology when I'm grieving and is all like, "Here, have something else to be sad about."  Logic is not really a thing in grief, at least not immediately.

I've been reading a lot.  It's a joy to be surrounded once again by my own books and to have access to more books in English than I can hope to work through any time in the near future. 

I have not been driving much.  (At all.  Like, once.)  That is probably the one area that my expectations that I'd magically have time/motivation to do something because I was back in the US has been utterly disappointed. 

It is rather lovely to be so close to my family, to get to see them for some planned time together and a good deal of randomly popping in on each other.  It's good to be able to attend church every week and to be forced to rely on the hospitality of folks from church (I've joked that I'm the church pet, but it's about the truth...)  It is sweet to know that I'll see Jason in a matter of days, not months, and while it's challenging to learn how to have a healthy not long distance relationship, it is so good.

Overall, I have been overwhelmed at the generosity of God in this season of my life.  As always, the story isn't written exactly the ways that I would have planned it, and I'm thankful for that. 


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