Hope is Alive (courage, spring 2019)

Earlier this semester, we had a class about courage and hopes.  Students had the homework to talk to someone in their life who they consider brave and ask what motivates their courage. 

I wanted to share some of their answers. 

photo by Oliver Cole, hosted on unsplash

I think my roommate is the bravest.  Last night our water dispenser caught fire in a short circuit, she pulled out the power in a hurry. At this time I have been crazy.

I think the bravest in my mind is my grandmother.  She was born in the 1950s. Life was very hard at that period. She never complained about the situation at that time, but bravely faced it. Life request that she must be brave or die of hunger.

In my life, I think my uncle is very brave.  Because he is a fireman.  Whatever difficult he meet, he never give up. When fires broke out in some places, he is always devoted to saving everyone.

My friend think their family give them brave.  They said: “When I want to give up, my family always tell me: Don’t give up.  Hope is alive.  Hope is alive.”

In my life, I think my sister has always been my pride and she is my hero. Because she has been taking care of me in every possible way since I was a child. No matter what problems I meet in life, she always help me patiently and encourage me, and she has always been my backing.

My mother is the bravest person around. She was right and brave to leave my father, she chose freedom and herself. And she chose my stepfather and gave birth to my sister, give me enough love and more love.

I have a relative who lost their 20-year-old son about 10 years ago. I think it was very painful because the mother was disabled and they had another child. They said the child is their renewed hope. My cousin lost his mother when he was 17, and then my uncle remarried, and sometimes I feel like he lost his father too.  He became independent because he had only himself.

In my life my grandmother is my hero. Because she, I alive. My parents wanted to abandon me, but she refused.

My mom is so brave.  When I was a kid, I sleeped in a loft with my grandmother and brother.  But suddenly, there is a fire.  Because of my brother, he played with lighters.  In the beginning, we were wait for rescue.  But the fire got bigger. At that time, my mom run into the loft, saved me and others.

Myself.  Because of the sudden changes in the family, I have to be independent and take on the responsibility of the family, including cooking, washing clothes, cleaning, and I can’t make myself vulnerable.

I think the most courageous person around me is a good friend of mine.  In order to enter her ideal university, she went back to study time and now she is preparing for her third college entrance examination.  I asked her why she had the courage to go back to school so many times and she said she was not willing, because the university she wanted to go to was that one that was her dream.  Some people can do their best to realize her dream.  This is her courage: Fail and stand up again.

I admire a friend of mine who quite his job to travel.  Walking around China on his motorcycle, playing guitar, and singing in the street to earn travel expenses.  When I asked him what gave him courage, he said he was unwilling to live an ordinary life.

Once I asked my best friend in high school why she went to college so far away from home.  She told me that she wanted to see a different world outside, to ride horses and sing on the prairie, to feel the immaculate white world of snow and ice.  I think this may be a very brave thing.

My mother.  She thinks my birth made her braver because she became a mother and wanted to protect her daughter.

I asked one of my best friends.  She said she wanna make her world better.  Can’t be a coward.  As her hero Iron Man with no power but to save the world by courage.

I think my friend is a brave person in my life.  To participate the school sport competition.  She broke her foot in a training session.  But she never gave up and stay in the game.  She told me that it was because the competition was not about honor and about collective responsibility.

Last week, I asked my friend what she thought of being brave.  She told me that when she meet difficulties she can choose to face them bravely.  Only wen you experience the process, you will understand: the brave can bring out our potential.  Then, we will learn to grow up in the trouble.

I think that my grandparents are the bravest people.  They have brought their children and grandchildren up without complaints.

Last three years, my father lost his job.  Therefore, how do we live after long time?  My dad did any part-time job if only could make money to keep family alive… My father is my hero forever.  

In my eyes, my mother is a very brave person.  My mother suffered a lot when she gave birth to me.  Even so, she gave birth to a sister because she was afraid that I would be lonely.

I asked three girls.  They are all my good friends.  The first one told me that she was brave for ignorance.  When she was young, she was afraid of nothing.  But now, she is not so brave anymore.  The second one told me that she is brave because she wants to protect the person she likes.  And the last one told me that it’s the reality and stress what makes her brave.

I asked what my example is to keep you brave.
PonySoore said;
With faith, there will be expectations.  
With expectations there will be love,
with love will urge you to improve yourself.
In this process, will bring you a lot of things,
bravery is one of the most valuable strength.

My friend Jack said that anger made him brave.  Things drive him crazy will also make him fearless.  What’s more, regrets make him brave.  Because with things left regrets, he try to do better.

I have a friend who grew up in a single family.  She is independent from her childhood and she can face the difficulties bravely.  I asked her what made her brave.  She answered that behind her is empty and she must be braver and braver so that she can live better.

I asked this questions to my friend.  Her answer is “My heart to search the real.  Because search the real is almost equal to follow the heart, and the heart is what bring the strongest power to make you brave.”
Then I asked what did you do over the past for searching the real?
She answered that “I don’t want to make-up or dress beautifully in the past, because it’s a way of falsity.  I don’t care what people think of me, the strange and ugly style.  So follow the heart not all of the crowds.”

When I asked what makes her [study] so hard, she replied: “A desire for a better life.”  Suddenly, I figure out all question about her.

I think my father is brave in my life.  And I asked him, here is his answer: “I’m the only man in this family, so it’s my responsibility to protect you and your mother.  I’m the pillar of our family and I can’t fall down.”

I think the bravest person in my life is my mother.  Actually, my mom is a little afraid of heights.  However, she is willing to accompany me to do what she needs to overcome difficulties.  When I asked her why she always seemed to brave, she replied that she wanted me to know that if I tried to do something, I would find what I think is impossible can become possible.


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