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Wrapping up the last semester

On Friday I gave finals to my last two classes (minus one student who didn't show up -- I think it's impossible for finals to ever go exactly as planned.  From my first year of teaching, when students were late because they got locked into their dormitory, to a student throwing up in the back of the classroom while others took their finals, to a student sobbing through her interview because her boyfriend broke up with her a few minutes before -- if it's not one thing, it's another.  But it's never boring.)  Grades are almost done (I think, I always hold my breath a bit until they're officially approved by my department contact!) and then I can really dive into dismantling my apartment, cleaning, and packing. My mind can't really comprehend it.  The last few summers have been jam-packed with Wheaton classes, traveling, and trying to cram in time with people in Bloomington and Pennsylvania.  But this summer I have a one way ticket (finally, hallelujah!)

Hope is Alive (courage, spring 2019)

Earlier this semester, we had a class about courage and hopes.  Students had the homework to talk to someone in their life who they consider brave and ask what motivates their courage.  I wanted to share some of their answers.  photo by Oliver Cole, hosted on unsplash I think my roommate is the bravest.   Last night our water dispenser caught fire in a short circuit, s he pulled out the power in a hurry. At this time I have been crazy. I think the bravest in my mind is my grandmother.   She was born in the 1950s. Life was very hard at that period. She never complained about the situation at that time, but bravely faced it. Life request that she must be brave or die of hunger. In my life, I think my uncle is very brave.   Because he is a fireman.   Whatever difficult he meet, he never give up. When fires broke out in some places, he is always devoted to saving everyone. My friend think their family give them brave.   They said: “When I want to give up, my family al