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Summer 2018

Another summer has spun to its end, seven weeks going by at a dizzying speed, crammed full of time with people I love and conversations, taking classes and writing papers, playing and traveling, crying and laughing, eating good food and soaking in the beauty of America, drinking sazeracs and arguing about English grammar, taking pictures and reading books. pc: Merry There was a lot of time with a lot of people who I didn't take pictures of at all, and there wasn't enough time to see everyone I wanted to see.  (Of course!) pc: Merry One of my sisters got engaged.  (We're getting old!) pc: Dad pc: Dad This morning, as I boarded my first flight, Susan sent me a message to check out Jonathan Gabriel Masters' album The Spirit and the Bride.  It's well worth the listen and comes neatly full circle to how I left Bloomington at the start of my three year stint in China, on a bus to Wheaton, listening to Josh Garrels' Love & War & The S