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when they listen

So yeah, I have scribbled reminders to myself on an index card of four things that I want to blog about sometime fairly soon.  Thoughtful sorts of things. But then something like this happens and I wanted to share it before it gets lost in the shuffle.  There are days (many of them) when I and other teachers wonder how much attention our students are really paying to what we actually teach them. And then there are days like today, when I received the following messages from a student. hello Hannah today when i took the subway i found a sign and i felt uncertain i can't make sure whether the expression is right the chinese in the picture means don't lean on it Why, you may ask, is this so noteworthy? First of all, one of the things I've told my students a few times during the course of this year is to pay attention  to the English that's around them and think about it.  English is becoming more and more prevalent in China, and my students spend h