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handling a fire, Sichuan style

Let’s talk about where I live for a moment, shall we?A few weeks ago I had my students brainstorm topics that I might mention when introducing Sichuan to those of you who haven’t had the privilege of being here in person.Some of their ideas included pandas, spicy, mahjong, and mountains.These are indeed some of the first things that I think of when I consider elements of the particular culture of Sichuan.Other students got even more specific — and garnered laughs from classmates — by adding Sichuanese, the dialect (which is similar to, but noticeably different from, Mandarin.)
Allow me to add another element: laid-back.Casual would also be an appropriate term.
This is my second year living in Sichuan and, to be honest, a lot of my everyday life has come to feel pretty normal to me.It was fun to have Laura visiting a couple of weeks ago and to get a glimpse of it through her eyes, a little bit of a throwback to my semester in Xiamen, when everything was new.I’m used to seeing the int…