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Joy to the World

Maybe eventually I'll be able to think of the right words to write about this week and a half of whirlwind travel, of surprises and joy, of utterly unexpected gifts of time spent with so many people dear to me. But right now, as I sit in the airport in San Francisco, my heart is just full of delight.  These days have been packed with adventures and memories; the time was short but sweet, and I am thankful.  Beautiful views while traveling. The rose had to yield up the champagne glass so that we could all have a drink. This awesome little boyfriend served breakfast to me and his mom. Indy! I may feel as at home in this airport by now as I do in Pittsburgh. Hours and hours of playing Firefly.... and winning ;-) A couple of very chill days in Virginia. And waking up to the most beautiful of views! Quick visit with most of my family. Saying goodbyes is one of my least favorite things.  Traveling that doesn't go plann