"What's the weirdest thing you've eaten?"

I wasn't a particularly picky eater when I first came to China, or so I thought.

I've learned to be less picky.

Here's the current list, as far as I can remember it.

What I've learned to appreciate this year:
Tripe.  (Hint: it tastes much better when it's only cooked in hot pot for about 15 seconds and not 15 minutes.)

What I've learned to tolerate alright:
"Ham."  Notice the quotation marks.  More like spam.
"Sausages." Okay, I know sausages are always questionable.  Ditto with "hotdogs."  They're more questionable in China.

What I still think is gross and will actively avoid:
Blood. (I think I've only eaten this once...?)
Silk worms.
Any kind of worms, for that matter.  Once at a banquet in Xiamen was really enough.
Durian pizza.  Phila talked me into giving it a try last week and I wasn't a fan of taste, smell, or texture.
Large intestine.  Small intestine, fine, but large intestine tends to taste pretty much how you'd imagine.
Meat floss.


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