Synthesis: home and being loved

Two songs and one blogpost which have all been working their way through my mind as I'm back in America for the summer, thinking about what it means to me to be home.  Truth is, I feel like I'm at home so many places -- my apartment at Chuan Wai, the Flip Flop hostel in Chengdu, the DJY team's apartments, the streets of Chiang Mai, my family's home in Pennsylvania, the Kennedys' house, my grandmum's church, the streets of Bloomington, the skyline of Pittsburgh, Wheaton's campus, Colonial Willamsburg...

Perks of my life: friends stashed around the world.

When I met up with Caleb in San Francisco and felt at home there too -- although I'd never been there before -- I finally had words to explain what home has become: where I know people.  Where I am known by people.  There are places that I love, but I think it mostly has to do with people.

Anyway, as promised, here are some other thoughts on home.

Blog post: How I Learned My Belovedness

There's a sense in which this world is not my home, but there's also the truth that Dallas Willard wrote about in The Divine Conspiracy -- we have a good Father; we are perfectly safe here.

This is my Father's world -- and so it is my home too.


  1. Short but sweet reflections, I resonated on many levels! Divine Conspiracy is a keeper too!


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