When Evening is Overwhelming

I was angry the other night.

Enraged.  Furious.  Indignant.  Infuriated.

I felt that there were not synonyms enough in the English language to express the depths of my emotion.  The world is sometimes so desperately broken and evil blows itself up so large, casting such large and far-reaching shadows that words fall short.

There are no curses I know strong enough for such evil, I thought.

Except one.


In the face of the most ravaging evil that tightens around the world, that creates fissures in cultures, that breaks the hearts of my students, there is hope.

He's risen.

That truth is what kicks evil in the teeth, the earthquake that will destroy the whole kingdom of darkness.  For now, we wait and work, living in age of aftershocks, knowing that light is coming, that full morning will dawn and push out the darkness forever.


["When Evening is Overwhelming" taken from a song by Zach Winters.]


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