Unwrapping a Chicken

I tend to blog about the more serious parts of life here, but this one's a glimpse into life here that's a little less serious.

This past weekend in Jiezi I bought a chicken roasted in clay.

Tonight was the unpacking of said chicken, and I wanted to share it with y'all.

At first it looks something like a muddy dragon egg.

Once you get through the clay, there's a layer of brown paper, then a very large leaf.

Apparently lotus leaves are ancient Chinese clingwrap.  As Susan said, it's a greener alternative.

It's smiling at me!  (Also, please note how the feet are stuck in the butt to be out of the way...)

And this is what cleavers are for.

The feet have been freed!

Meat in one container, trash in a bag, and other parts in the pot to make soup.  ^_^


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