Because "How's China?" or "How was your year?" are questions that -- however well intentioned -- make me want to groan, I've been working on thinking of some better questions.  I'll probably be adding to this list as I think of more -- if you have ideas (including questions that are good ones for me to ask about your year!) feel free to comment with suggestions.

  • Tell me about a normal work day.
  • What was one of your favorite lessons?
  • What do you usually do on the weekends?
  • What's the transportation like?
  • What's your favorite/least favorite thing about your school?
  • What are your classes like?
  • Who are some students who you spent a lot of time with?
  • What is the strangest thing that anyone said to you?
  • What was a really encouraging moment?
  • What was a surprising moment?
  • What's one of your funniest memories from the year?
  • Tell me about your team.
  • What's your apartment like?
  • When was it really difficult to not be in America?
  • What are some advantages of living in China?
  • What was surprisingly difficult/easy?
  • How did you see the Father at work?
  • What's fellowship like?
  • Do you have pictures of any of your students with you?
  • What's your favorite thing to do in the office?  on campus?  in your city?
  • When were you frustrated with your students?  proud of them?


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