Quotes and such

I'm not feeling like I have enough brain power to write a particularly thoughtful post, so in lieu of that, have some quotes.

"Number two is gas and up is use the thing." ~ Don, explaining how to use the controls for Mario Kart

Miriam: "Do you think Asher will ever lose his voice from screaming so much?"
Dale (Asher's dad): "I sure hope so!"

Miriam:  “It is not true that everyone loves magical Trevor.”
Gordon:  “Then apparently you’re not…. a somebody.”


My only explanation and justification for the next two is that they happened at the end of last semester, when we had lost our minds and most of our ability to communicate, in English or any other language.
Hannah: handing Miriam a Hershey's kiss: "Do you want a movie?"

Miriam: "I don't like coming up with costumes. I like having things in the fridge."


During the Lord of the Rings marathon at over New Year's:

Two Towers: Gandalf asks if they’d part an old man from his staff...
Miriam: “You played the old man card!”
Don:  “Is that like the dumb foreigner card?”
Miriam:  “Quite a bit like, actually….”
Gordon: “Ting bu dong!  Ting bu dong!” (I don't understand!)

As Frodo goes on the roof to give ring to the Nazgul....
“Somebody needs to slap that lil hobbit!” ~ Gordon

“Friends don’t let friends give rings to the Nazgul!” ~ Hannah


Re: Japanese fireworks
“It’s so artistic and symmetrical…. It loses points on the warzone category.”

Stuffing folders for the conference, I think...
“Guys this is what America brings to the world. Assembly lines.” - Megan

A student, describing his time in Beijing over the holiday:
“The sun is not useful.”


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