As described by students in a handful of my classes.

Loneliness looks like….
a blank sheet
only one man sits in an empty room
a moon in the dark sky
a movie without any sounds
a room without any sunlight
only one tree stands on the field
the land without grass and flowers
a helpless man stand in the rain, but no one help him
a piece of smog in the mountain
a lonely spirit
a picture without any colors
a beautiful dress but no one ask for it
the clean sky without birds
a star shine in dark night
a mountain that is covered with snow all the year round
a blank flower shock in the wind
a person who lose his soul
a little black spot on a large white paper
a bleak desert not see its bound
a bird falls behind the team a long distance
that everyone do not know where you are
the white block in the colorful painting
in a country only have you to live
a tree have no leaves
a girl crying in the crowd
only a bird trapped in a cage
someone in an empty place.
an empty box without things in it.
something is thrown.
the space with black cloud.
the person who is live in forest.
a person wear a t-shirt in winter.

Loneliness sounds like…
a sad and slow style of rhythm.
a colorful but quiet street
a group of people are laughing but you are crying.
a song without any words.
silence, when I speak by myself.
you talk to nobody but the echo.
a sad music that pierce my heart.
rain of fall.
cold wind in the winter.  
train’s whistle from far away.
a sentence which is without impression.
there is only your breath sounds and hearts beats in the empty room.
an old story that no one interested in.
an old man talk a story to you.
a song without climax.
the ending of the music.
everyone sit together with no words.
the erhu played by an old man.
a deaf man on the noisy street but can’t hear everything.

Loneliness smells like…
wizened flowers.
a kind of perfume your lover brought.
a fragrance of the earth in the rain.
death, when I breathe by myself.
a cup tasteless boiled water.
rotten eggs.
the acrid smell of smoke.
a food I hate that tasted horrible.
something spicy can make you cry.
a cup of tea that is cold.
poison gas making people choke.
CO2 that makes you breathe hard.
the smell of trees after raining.
mom’s dishes but you are not at home.
one cup of coffee with the sunshine.
the dry air.
an old house without people for a long time.
flowers dying only you staying here.
the soil you are walking on.

Loneliness tastes like…
a cup of bitter tea.
bitter fruits.
a cup of coffee without sugar.
that you order a lot of food but eating by yourself
bitter medicine without sweet tastes
a cup tasteless boiled water.
cold coffee in the morning
an acidity lemon.
the water which has nothing.
a terrible cake though it looks nice.
a wine that no one to drink.
a bitter chocolate beyond imagination.
tears that only make you feel bitter.
a whole birthday cake, but nobody can share with.
a dish which is lack of salt.
a cup of tea filled with acrimony.
sugar becoming bitter.
a path only you to pass.
dishes with no condiment.
a couple bitter beer but I willing to drink.
ice water which almost makes your heart cold.

Loneliness feels like…
a drop to the bottom.
a heavy cold rain.
everyone in the world is happy except you.
a big empty room, which we can’t put touch with others.
a sense of homelessness
walking in the wind in winter.
the air is full of sadness.
the hard ice in winter.
you stay in a cold sleeping bag.
you’re in a place full of people but no one talks to you.
a overcast cloud.
a huge mountain presses on your heart.
you don’t have anyone to talk about everything you want to talk.
a deep hole that no one can touch it.
the broken heart.
the lonely moon without any stars around it.
a ship in a sea.
a sharp knife cutting my heart.
a independent person who pick up the weapon to fight.
jump into cold water in snowy day.
others cannot understand you.
no one standing by you.
standing in the heavy rains.
the spring which faces cold spell.
not one know you.
a homeless cat.
you traveling many place don’t meet a person.
eating hot pot alone.
a kind of penalty.
all stars don’t understand the beauty of moon.


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