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Doormat Mythology and the Gethsemane Option

As we've been working through a Peacemakers series with the DJY team and thinking through our responses in and to conflict, the subject of "being a doormat" has come up.  As Americans, we have a cultural tendency to want to insist on our (inalienable!) rights.  As followers, we're told, "Do not resist the one who is evil... love your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you..." (Matt 5:38-48)  Some of us in the group have a tendency to avoid conflict by running away from it, literally or figuratively.  Some have hearts that are passionately opposed to injustice.   We have a lot of good conversations. Concurrent with this study, I've been working through material for Wheaton classes and studying Matthew.  As my mind works on synthesizing everything, I've been thinking through the mythology that underlies my interpretation of responses to conflict. photo by Chris Lawton [First, a note on mythology : "No single accepted definition o

but dismiss your fears

Part of class last week involved thinking and writing about deepest fears.  These are some representative samples; they're an excellent reminder to me about some of the sadness in the hearts of these students who I get the privilege of teaching, laughing with, living with, and loving.  It's too easy for me to forget the depths of the brokenness of souls. ~~~ My deepest fear is that I sink into darkness. I’m afraid that I will weep aloud if I’m in the darkness alone. It makes me feel suffocative and helpless.  My deepest fear is that I could have done everything I can. I can get along with friend well; I can read as many books as possible; I can play instrument; I can dance and walk and so on; But result from something that I ever can’t tell, or I don’t dare to tell. I missed chances again and again. Maybe the most terrible thing in the world  is witnessing the person who you cared leaving you. My deepest fear is that I am not outgoin


As described by students in a handful of my classes. Loneliness looks like…. a blank sheet only one man sits in an empty room a moon in the dark sky a movie without any sounds a room without any sunlight only one tree stands on the field the land without grass and flowers a helpless man stand in the rain, but no one help him a piece of smog in the mountain a lonely spirit a picture without any colors a beautiful dress but no one ask for it the clean sky without birds a star shine in dark night a mountain that is covered with snow all the year round a blank flower shock in the wind a person who lose his soul a little black spot on a large white paper a bleak desert not see its bound a bird falls behind the team a long distance that everyone do not know where you are the white block in the colorful painting in a country only have you to live a tree have no leaves a girl crying in the crowd only a bird trapped in a cage someone