Inner Peace

"Do you have a Chinese name?" the girls who ate lunch with me today asked.

Why yes, I do.  Because my English name is pretty easy for Chinese speakers, my Chinese name isn't used too much, but students at Chuan Wai have been very curious about it.  And I am always curious to see how they'll react, since I've gotten everything from, "Oh, pretty," to "...that sounds like a boy's name...."

Jessica, Georgina, Caroline and Amy from class 2

Today, when I told them, "It's 安宇," (an yu) they were mostly interested in translating it.

"Inner peace," Caroline said.  Which I liked, because the closest I've ever come to putting it in English is Sanctuary.

I also liked it because it made me think of Jon Foreman's song Inner Peace.  

Inner peace is hard to find
Peace of heart and peace of mind
Feels like I'm running all the time
Like I'm at war inside
I've been fighting all my life...

The window of my soul is so unclean
Shattered by the vices and the violence I've seen
Purity of heart is to will one thing
But I've got a lot on my mind
Yeah maybe I'm a mess inside

How can we be ourselves
If we don't know who we are?

I do have a lot on my mind, always, and my heart, and my never-ending to do lists.  And yet, somehow, in the last couple of days, I've felt an amazing peace, both about where I am now and the future.  It's good.  It's all going to be good, because it's in His hands, and He is always good.

that one time Susan facetimed me into Hope and it was The Best Thing Ever, basically

I am so very, very blessed.


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