With Apologies to Saint Thomas

(photo by Adrian Moran)

I am a hypocrite of hypocrites,
Having mocked you for your honest doubt
But now I see.

I see how you can see and not
Still doubting because --
Dead men don't come to life.
It contradicts the laws of physics and
All common sense.

You were the practical one, so
When they came running back from the tomb,
Tripping over themselves --
When the others said: We have seen Him --
You said, "I will never believe,"
But there was a comma, a caveat:
Unless I see Him in the flesh,
Unless my own skin touches His.

Which, to be honest, was perfectly fair
And an end befitting John 1
With its unbelievable news of logos made sarx.

He showed up, of course,
And you hesitated not at all to proclaim Him
Your Lord and your God.

Grant me such faith, Lord.


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