Reflection from the bus: Creativity

Creativity fills me with joy.

vacation = time for playing with new creative media

As I’m sitting in this Greyhound bus, rolling along the highway back towards Indy, the last stop before being home in Bloomington, I’ve had abundant time to think about the vast wealth of creativity manifested in my friends.  

And I am overwhelmed, overcome at the complexity and beauty of it.  Some of them are creative in ways similar to me — crafting words and stories and seeking always to translate meaning, to cross space through narratives.  Some of them are creative in ways that I certainly am not; I hang out with a lot of musicians now and their conversations are often a foreign language.

I love it.  I love the diversity, the ways that they each reflect the good, creative joy of our Creator.  It makes me imagine what it will be like in a world-made-new.  It makes me worship God.

Here’s a glimpse of what’s been going on within the hours since this bus pulled out from the station in Pittsburgh.

  • Story writing with friends.  (Thanks, wifi.)
  • News from a friend about Uncommon Universes Press… which she helped launch.
  • Pictures from a friend of a wood burning project he’s working on for his church.
  • Pestering… I mean discussing… with a friend the possibility of him doing some music writing.  I think it’s time for a new tune for Saint Patrick’s prayer.  With a little banjo, maybe.
  • A video from the Boyhood Bravery concert — a teaser — of a collaboration project between their group and a student media group at IU.

Guys.  These are my friends.  And they are marvelous and precious to me for so many reasons.  One is that I get to see little pieces of the creativity of God reflected in them.

And it’s lovely.


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