1 Corinthians 13

(One of the best Dr. Who quotes)

Late last night, I was thinking about faith and hope and love, and community.

And I wondered: what if the greatest of these is love because love sustains faith and hope through what otherwise feel like impossible circumstances?

I'm not yet done thinking about that, still just wondering and pondering.  But it seems reasonable, with 1 Corinthians 13 coming right between chapters where Paul hammers the importance of community and unity within the church.

It feels true right now as I see and experience the importance of friendships, of family, of church, in encouraging each other and being in the trenches together.  As we say in a thousand ways to each other, I will do the breathing until you are able to come up for air (to steal a line from Matt the Electrician.)  We eat together and cry together and laugh together.  The ways that life has been going recently are not ways I would have chosen for myself or for my friends.

But God is good.

Really.  He is.  And even now, I'm seeing rich glimpses of that in the love between His people.  We hope with each other.  And for each other.  We remind each other of the reasons and the sureness of our faith.  And we breathe.


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