pictures of life

Pictures because although Bastille's words, "it is not enough to be dumbstruck/you must have some words in that head of yours," have been echoing in my mind, and there are plenty of words rattling around in my head, nothing has quite coalesced into a solid post yet.

2016 kicked off with an eight mile hike through gorgeous woods with Eric and Jaji.  may every year begin so well.

what George and I do together: hang out.  pester each other.  chill.

these lemon cloud cupcakes Laura made -- vanilla, meringue & candied lemon -- are probably the most delectable thing that has entered my mouth so far in 2016.

with the first snowfall of winter, Bloomington turned into Narnia, making my walk to work both enchanting and chilly.

turns out that when I build my own planner, it involves lots of colors, quotes, and words.  who would have guessed? :)


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