Currently (all the randomness)

Today was my first day off in a while that there was nothing on my schedule that had to happen.  Consequently, quite a lot actually HAS happened, mostly from my list of jobs and errands that needed to be dealt with but that didn't have an actual deadline.

So here's a snapshot of the random happenings right now.

Monumental event:  I got my driver's permit.  (Let's just celebrate and not discuss how I'm about a decade behind the learning curve on that one.)  (Ironic footnote: getting that permit meant that I used the Bloomington bus system for the first time.  That is also worthy of celebration, that I've lived here for over a year and never had to use the buses before...)

Thing(s) that I'm looking forward to:  Skyping my friend Emily (aka my China travel buddy) tonight. Watching Star Wars VI with friends tomorrow.  Church on Sunday.  ALL THE THINGS.

Other things taken care of today: Grocery shopping.  Emails.  Review of a solar USB charger (which is a cool product AND cool because one of my Chinese friends works for that company.)

Currently memorizing: Hebrews 3.  Memorizing Hebrews has sort of been a project since my junior year or so of college, but I never really buckled down and implemented all of the strategies I had learned from Bible Quizzing (because I was being lazy.)  It became a more serious project for me this year so I've been writing it up and hanging it up and reading it.  I'm not moving as quickly through it as I would have in quizzing (not on the chapter a week plan,) but I am memorizing it.  So, cool.

Listening to:  After hearing Bastille's Pompeii way too many times everywhere I went, I looked up some of their other music.  Which means that I've been listening to their album Bad Blood on repeat for the past week.  I don't think that their lyrics are as deeply storied as Mumford & Sons (at least... on their first two albums...) but I love some of the ways they use language.  I like the motif of "the weight of living."

I'll see you in the future when we're older 
And we are full of stories to be told
Cross my heart and hope to die,
I'll see you with your laughter lines.


It is not enough to be dumbstruck
Can you fill this silence?
You must have the words in that head of yours.

Reading:  Theodore Rex by Edmund Morris.  Which is REALLY LONG.  I'm fascinated in seeing some of the parallels between political issues in the US at the beginning of the 20th century and now. I'm in the first year of his presidency, and he's trying to deal with a country that is dealing with and divided over racial injustice and trying to figure out what to do with the connectedness that is possible because of railroads and problems of huge corporations.  It's like a foretaste of globalization.  Anyway, fascinating stuff, and while the biography IS sort of intimidatingly thick, it's pretty easy reading.

Thinking about: How incredible the many types of friendship are, and how thankful I am for the different sorts that I have right now.  Last night was a movie night with the Tautology Club, and I had sort of forgotten how refreshing it is to be around friends who are so loud and generous and crazy, where the conversations shift from abstract math to theology to personality types to Star Wars with barely a breath in between.  The kind of friends who offer me a cheeseburger the instant I walk in the door and I have no hesitation in saying, "YES I AM STARVING."

Grateful for: Outside.  The weather has been AMAZING.  And given that it's over half way through November, I am rejoicing in every day of it.

Also, I'm thankful for having a church that understands saying goodbyes.  Sadie and I were talking about this on Wednesday at small group; probably partly because Hope is a church made up mostly of people who are not from Bloomington (which, being a university town, has a very transient population,) the congregation has a lot of experience with goodbyes.

Laughing about:  Cats and cucumbers.  (Unfortunately, George and Cleo just stared at us like we were crazy when we tried with a banana.  Eric also tried with his cats -- with a cucumber and they were profoundly disinterested.  Alas.)

These recent additions to the quote book:

“If today was a shelf, it would look like that.” ~ Isabelle, explaining to me how the morning had been at Crumble before my shift started. We were looking at a shelf that had fallen apart and was dumping its contents onto the floor.

Eric: *talking about a guy who brewed beer and was an archaeologist*
Hannah:  “So did his beers have archeological names?”
Jason:  “The Mayan shin bone?”
Eric: “No… not quite…”
Jason:  “I hear it’s really hoppy.”

So there you go.  Randomness from my life.  ^_^


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