Animal Stories

This past week has had more than its share of great animal moments.  Four that I can recall, to be precise.  Unfortunately, I don't have photos for any of these, but I think your imagination will be able to illustrate the stories.


I was walking to my pastor's house and Laura biked past me on the road, waving and yelling hello.  I looked over at her just in time to see a fawn bouncing along in the grass beside the road, right behind her... apparently following the bike.  He looked like he was having the time of his life and quite proud of himself.  Hey look!  I found a thing to chase!


It was pretty late at night and I was biking back from a babysitting job, along a new route to try to avoid the busier roads.  The small roads that I was on were quite dark, had a lot of twists and turns, and were lined with a lot of houses and trees.  And the lightning bugs were out!  It was exquisitely beautiful, with all of their lights flashing like little diamonds against the dark silhouettes of trees.


So... we got a lot of rain.  And I walked past a playground with some large puddles in the lower sections of the grass... so large that there were birds playing in a puddle.  And by "playing" I mean "swimming" and by "birds" I mean "ducks."  SO MUCH RAIN!


George (Laura's cat) successfully knocked a toy of his into the little space underneath my dresser.  He scrutinized the situation from the three sides of the base that he could access and seemed at a loss.  I left the room for a moment and returned to find the toy out from under the dresser... but no sign of George. Upon closer inspection, I discovered that he had succeeded in getting himself under the dresser, and was then unable to figure out how to get back out.  I laughed at him, tried taking a picture, and left him to figure it out.  Eventually he realized that his head needed to come out at the widest spot.  (Although as I write this, he looks like he's contemplating going back under.)


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