I'm pretty much convinced that we have some of the best regular customers in the world at Crumble.  It makes work a joy.  They're awesome in many ways -- from engaging us in conversations to putting up with our goofy teasing to recommending/bringing in books that they think we'll enjoy.

Also, they say awesome stuff.  One customer today took the "saying awesome stuff" to an entirely new level with his quick response this morning in the following exchange:

Laura:  *cautioning a customer about the raspberry cream cheese brownie that he was buying*  “It’s very sweet and rich --”
Jordan:  “Sounds perfect!  You know, that’s what exactly what I hope people say about me when I’m gone!”



Also, I'm pretty sure that ever year I remember how much I dislike winter and love summer, but I always wonder if I've exaggerated my memories... until spring comes.  SUNSHINE!  WARMTH!  HAPPINESS!


Sometimes I wonder if our downstairs neighbors think I have a terrible child named George.  Because I find myself saying things like, "George!  Stop putting that in your mouth!"  "George!  Make good life choices!"  and "George!  What have we talked about?" all the time.


I must be an adult.  Mormon missionaries just visited.  We had a fun (albeit short) conversation and stuck to pretty mutually agreeable topics.  Time to dream up what to talk about next time they come...

Much as I disagree with many of their beliefs, there is a lot that I admire about their dedication and general attitude of being happy to serve.

Yesterday a Backstreet Boys song came on my Pandora station and I started feeling amazingly sentimental.

After a minute or two I figured out why.  Thanks, KTV.  Nothing like Chinese karaoke to give you nostalgic memories of something that you managed to miss when it was actually popular the first time around.


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